New Posts on Your Dashboard Reminder

Reblogowane od BookLikes:

Your Dashboard has just received new option. You don’t have to worry that you’ll miss your friends' posts anymore. We’ll remind you about new ones.


Previously, to view all reviews, posts and shelf updates published by blogs you follow, you had to refresh the Dashboard. Now you’ll see a reminder note above the stream that there are new posts ready to be read.



Just click it to view new posts and bookshelf updates on your Dashboard added by your friends and followings once you were reading a book or taking a bath. 


The reminder note will be also visible in the browser's tab title letting you stay up to date and informed about the number of new texts on BookLikes while browsing other webpages. Cool? Not a modest approach but we love it!


Hope you'll find it useful as well :)


Tips and Updates


To make shelving books easier and faster, use "Shelve it!" option available on your Shelf page.


Drag the button to your bookmark bar and click "Shelve it!" on the bar while browsing other sites (e.g. Amazon...) to add books to your shelf directly from the sites.